Admissions counselors

Our admissions counselors are your direct contact with Undergraduate Admissions — they're here to help you and your students with all things Ohio State. Reach out with questions about the application process, to seek assistance with a panel or presentation, or anything else you need!

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  • Austin  Martin
    Central Ohio
    Austin Martin, assistant director
  • Abby Krummel
    Canton, Youngstown
    Abby Krummel, admissions counselor
  • Dominique Bevelle
    Columbus City, South-Western, Groveport Madison, Whitehall City, Reynoldsburg City, Columbus Parochial, Pickerington Local, KIPP, Horizon Science
    Dominique Bevelle, admissions counselor
  • Jessica Romich
    METRO School (Columbus)
    Jessica Romich, assistant director
  • Josh Aguilera
    Josh Aguilera, admissions counselor
  • Keith Lofton
    Northeast Ohio
    Keith Lofton, admissions counselor (Cleveland-based)
  • Tracy Shuman
    Northeast Ohio
    Tracy Shuman, associate director (Cleveland-based)
  • Dan Pohl
    Southeastern Ohio, Southern Ohio
    Dan Pohl, assistant director
  • Shy Hoover
    Northwestern Ohio, Western Ohio
    Shy Hoover, admissions counselor
  • John Bates
    John Bates, admissions counselor

Outside Ohio

  • Caitlin  James
    Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Washington
    Caitlin James, regional recruitment manager (San Diego-based)
  • Cameron Newton
    Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wyoming
    Cameron Newton, regional recruitment manager (Texas-based)
  • Lauren Heatherly
    New York (NYC, Long Island, Westchester County), New Jersey
    Lauren Heatherly, regional recruitment manager (NYC-based)
  • Shy Hoover
    Shy Hoover, admissions counselor
  • Josh Aguilera
    Indiana, Kentucky
    Josh Aguilera, admissions counselor
  • Josephine West
    Josephine West, regional recruitment manager (Chicago-based)
  • Jessica Romich
    Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia
    Jessica Romich, assistant director
  • Antonio Serrano
    Florida, Puerto Rico
    Antonio Serrano, assistant director (Miami-based)
  • Michael  Villarama
    Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin
    Michael Villarama, admissions counselor
  • Angie Lyons
    Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
    Angie Lyons, regional recruitment manager (Atlanta based)
  • Abby  Krummel
    Abby Krummel, admissions counselor
  • Karim  Todd
    Western New York (Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Niagara Falls, Rochester, Syracuse)
    Karim Todd, associate director

International admissions

Transfer and military-connected admissions

Additional populations

  • Kelli Reavling-Cobb
    The Ohio State Academy (post-secondary enrollment options)
    Kelli Reavling-Cobb, assistant director
  • Michele Brown
    The Ohio State Academy (College Credit Plus)
    Michele Brown, program director